Our Style

We offer an authentic, unobtrusive documentary style to your wedding photos, the kind that really tells the story of who you are as an individual, who you are as a couple, and shows you making the best memories of your lives! Sometimes when you have a camera pointed at you its difficult to let your guard down. This is where we step in and guide you a little in getting the portraits you'll love. 

We love to get to know our couples before hand so we can guide you in a way that suits you both. For weddings Julie will take the lead as the main shooter and Ryan will be capturing little moments in the background. The creative angles, and all the moments you may not even realise are happening! You get to see your day from a totally different perspective through Ryans lens.

If you feel we would be a good match or you just want hear a bit more, then lets meet up for a coffee! We love to hear the story of how you met, what you do, and how you ended up here. We love adventurous couples, so if you are up for climbing over fences, getting your toes wet and dancing in the rain thats a bonus! We want to capture you as you are, and we want to tell your story. For all pricing and general enquiries contact us here.

Authentic Adventurous. Alive



Our Story

We are a husband and wife team based in Northern Ireland. Along with being passionate about photography, we are also extremely passionate about travel, so we are seriously willing to travel anywhere to capture you guys!

 Our stories into the world of photography are a little different from each others, so let us introduce ourselves...



For as long as I can remember, I've always been fascinated by cameras and artistic photographs. I remember getting my first wee digital camera when I was about 13 and I would spend hours taking photographs of things. I studied photography and art in school and then after that I did a bit of travelling, I dipped my toes into a few different careers while working a few jobs at once. But I have forever been drawn back to my passion for photography. I have a creative side to me that I just can't seem to let sit for too long and throughout my degree and my other work, I was just forever dreaming of what else I could be doing creatively! 

In 2014 a friend asked me to photograph her wedding. I was totally taken back, yet super excited... After that day I completely fell in love with weddings. I fell in love with the buzz, the emotions, the beauty and just everything about them. I've learnt so much since then and I love continuing to learn. So after a lot of wee nudges from friends, family, and especially Ryan, I eventually set up a little business.

Ryan started coming along with me to weddings and shoots... and it turned out he's pretty darn great at it (I'll let him tell you more). So here I am now, still photographing, in awe that I get to do something I love, with someone I love!




I was always interested in photography but it was never really something I thought I would take up myself until 2017. My hobbies have always been anything sport related and speciality coffee. I spend my days off travelling far and wide to visit a new coffee shop! I'm also one of these people that loves to learn, and I can be a bit competitive so I love getting good at things. When I take an interest in something I educate myself as much as I can in it, and thats sort of where my photography journey began.

Anyone who knows me will know I'm a real coffee nerd, and when I'm not shooting with Julie I work in a coffee shop and I write a coffee blog. It was through this that I actually really started to dive into photography. I started using Julie's equipment to photograph stuff for my blog... and I soon realised I loved it. I just wanted to learn more, photograph more and do it more. I educated myself in everything I could in my spare time and starting tagging along with Julie to weddings and shoots as a second shooter. We realised we made a great team and when there was events or shoots that Julie couldn't do I would take it on and vice versa.

So here we are, doing something we are extremely passionate about together. And I wouldn't have it any other way!