Is it better having two photographers?

Personally, we think yes! But it’s not for everyone and it’s not always necessary depending on what type of wedding you are having. For example, if your wedding is going to be small and all at the one location you can probably do without. 

We think its good to have two photogs not only so we can have someone at two locations at the same time (e.g, grooms house and brides house, back of the church and front of the church, left and right etc.) But mainly because we can capture a more documentary approach. I remember after the first ever wedding we did as a duo, the couple came back to us and praised how there was not a single bit of the day we didn’t capture, and how they enjoyed looking through the photgraphs showing things they didn’t even realise were happening. Such as when they were off getting their portraits, or even just generally too caught up in the moment to realise what all else was going on! 

Another option is that you don’t have to have two photographers for the entire day. 

Do you do wedding albums? 

Yes we do! Our fine art albums are beautifully made by a company in England and you don’t have to order them at time of booking or straight away after the wedding. We are happy for you to sit on it for a while if you wish! Prices for these start at £230.

When will we see our photographs? 

We normally go home and get stuck into editing straight away so we can send you some previews the next day or so! This is normally just a few however, if there is a particular shot you are dying to see, let us know and we can get it over to you! The turnaround for wedding photographs is apron 6-8 weeks.

What is your dress code?

We normally go for something smart casual - we like to be able to blend in a little but also dress a little more professional so people know we are actually photographers! 

What happens if you cannot photograph our wedding? 

The good thing about having two photographers is that if its something like sickness, one of us should still be able to photograph your wedding. If you paid for two photographers, you will get two photographers! We are so fortunate to have a great community of photographers here and we have a few people on stand-by for if anything goes wrong. If one of us is still able to do it we will get another second shooter and still do all the editing etc. If neither of us can do it, we will refer the wedding onto another photographer that we completely trust with a similar style to ours!