Robyn & Adam / Intimate Northern Ireland Wedding

Robyn and Adam. Honestly what can we even say about these two beautiful souls and their beautifully unique wedding day? “Some souls just understand each other upon meeting.” - N.R Hart. I feel like that is Robyn and Adam. Throughout their day, they exchanged so many of these little looks that just showed so much love between them. When Adam watched Robyn walk down the isle, he really watched! He didn’t take his eyes off her for a split second. We have never been a part of a day filled with so much raw emotion, so much realness. We spent the day both laughing and crying behind our cameras!

Mr and Mrs Frazer tied the knot at their local registrar office, a small intimate ceremony surrounded by their close family and friends. We went to Ballyboley forest for a quick stop for photos and ended the day at Sleepy Hollow for a cute little intimate reception. It was the perfect day. And what really wow’d us? They planned this beautiful wedding in one week! The effort that both of them and their lovely families put into the small details for this day can take some people months, even years of planning. Yet they did it and they did it in style! 

We wanted to share this day in Robyn’s memory, such a heartbreaking loss. A little something for you all to see what a stunning day this was. Something tangible for their family and friends, and for us to simply say... we have never felt so so honoured. Truly, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you. We felt so welcomed in by both Robyn and Adam and their families. Having only known someone a very short time it can be hard to get a picture of what they are like as a person… but Robyn was one of those people whose heart just shone through when you met her, and her family and friends had such beautiful things to say about her, and the love between Robyn and Adam was absolutely powerful.

I have spent the last week or so mulling over in my head what to even write in this blog. How can my words even do this beautiful girl justice? I have honestly been completely lost for words. But what I do know is this- I have been able to see why I do what I do in a completely different light. We are so so grateful, but we never know the impact these photographs we take are going to have. They aren’t just photos documenting a day. They are memories that people will cherish forever and it is such an honour to have been chosen to be able to do this for Robyn and Adam. 

Bridesmaids- ASOS

Cake- NI Cake Design

Flowers- Season Flowers

Venue - Sleepy Hollow Restaurant